Team Coaching – no thank you!

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Last week I spoke with a client who contacted me to solve some conflicts in his team and to improve the collaboration. When I proposed him to have a team coaching session his reaction was ‘No thank you, never again!’  His reaction surprised me first but when he told me his experience with team coaching I understood. It was a meeting where all the problems, everything that bothered about the colleagues and the company was put on the table...

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SF Holidays

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SF Holidays The holidays are coming and we are all preparing for Easter in the family. It is well known since years BC that no man is a prophet in his own home. No matter what a great manager, inspirational leader, trustworthy coach you are, once inside your parents’ home, you become the person you used to be before all the great changes you went through. And you find yourself clinging to the remains of your awareness and calm I do not...

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Principles vs. Patterns

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There are few  things you know for sure as a Solution Focused practitioner. This is actually one of the most charming things about this approach – its grammar has very few principles and the rest is improvisation, playing around with them until the client have reached their goal. As a new practitioner  of SF and a  passionate theater maker, whenever I have time to let my mind wonder, I create mental experiments: short imaginary dramas...

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Let us ask you some questions about your questions

Posted by on Feb 24, 2016 in Coaching, programs for managers, real life examples | 1 comment

In guiding people, be it as a preacher, tribal chief, leader, manager or coach, we all use elements from the same repertoire: stories (be they personal or not), positive examples, cautionary tales, advice, suggestions and, the most powerful tool to direct attention: questions. Knowing this, we, as coaches and trainers of coaches, need to question ourselves about the questions we use: which are the most useful? What direction is it worth to send...

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The undercover coach

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It is fairly obvious that we all want our conversations to be constructive. Our meetings would be shorter and more pleasant and efficient, we would come out of our short dialogues with colleagues feeling energised and proud of the team we are part of. Constructive conversations, strong and pleasant, I imagine this might be how it feels  to surf perfect waves. How to initiate such conversations as a manager? How can you create the conditions so...

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Coaching as a Treasure Hunt

Posted by on Nov 25, 2015 in Coaching | 1 comment

By Alina Goanta, Solution Focused Brief Coach It’s been four years now since I have been practicing coaching as a professional coach and yet, I have to admit, I still find it difficult to give an answer when asked “What is coaching?” Nevertheless, there are some keywords that, from my point of view, capture the essence of it. I would say coaching is a process that takes place within a partnership based on mutual...

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