Let us ask you some questions about your questions

Posted by on Feb 24, 2016 in Coaching, programs for managers, real life examples | 1 comment

In guiding people, be it as a preacher, tribal chief, leader, manager or coach, we all use elements from the same repertoire: stories (be they personal or not), positive examples, cautionary tales, advice, suggestions and, the most powerful tool to direct attention: questions. Knowing this, we, as coaches and trainers of coaches, need to question ourselves about the questions we use: which are the most useful? What direction is it worth to send...

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The undercover coach

Posted by on Feb 4, 2016 in Coaching, Interview, programs for managers | 0 comments

It is fairly obvious that we all want our conversations to be constructive. Our meetings would be shorter and more pleasant and efficient, we would come out of our short dialogues with colleagues feeling energised and proud of the team we are part of. Constructive conversations, strong and pleasant, I imagine this might be how it feels  to surf perfect waves. How to initiate such conversations as a manager? How can you create the conditions so...

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