The monkey, the fish and the coaching approach

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By Alina Goanta, Solution Focused Brief Coach Once upon a time there was a monkey that lived happily in the jungle. It was jumping all day from a tree to another. It felt so happy doing that, so it thought everybody should do just the same. One day, as it was looking at the world around from the heights of a tree, it noticed a pond with some fish inside. They were moving from one part of the pond to the other, moving their fish tales as if they...

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Solution Cafe no. 12

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By: Alina Buzatu (Alina’s Website) Last evening I was happy to be present as a co-organizer and participant to the 12th Solution Cafe, our monthly free event that is taking place for more than a year, each month, 2nd Tuesday evening, from 6:30 pm and 9 pm, people being invited to join for free. This is the event to come if you want to (sometimes for the first time in that week or month) to offer yourself 15 minutes of thinking and talking...

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SOLUTION FOCUS in 400 words

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By Fania Pallikarakis When I sat down to write this article for I asked myself, how could I explain what Solution Focus is, in only 400 words? Can it be described so briefly? I kept stopping and starting. And then I realised. I didn’t have to explain what it is. We all already know. We just don’t know that we know. We all solution-­‐focus, we just don’t know that we do. You do also. You just don’t know it. You...

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