Solution Building – Solution Talk – Solution Cafe

Are you looking for something different to offer your employees as part of your training programme?

What we Offer

We offer three packaged training courses that can be run ‘off the shelf’ or can be tailored to meet your specific needs:

Solution Building (2 + 1 Days)

Two day training with a one day follow-up. Designed to shift thinking away from problem-solving to solution-building and managing others in a way that empowers, motivates and leads to results.

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Solution Talk (1 day)

One day training in the art of leading conversations towards a solution.

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Solution Cafe (3 hours)

A quick and fun way to learn how to create meaningful and enjoyable conversations. Suitable for groups of any size from 4 to 400.

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Why Us

We have extensive experience delivering a wide range of training across many types of business and cultures. We are experts in Solution Focus as well as delivering high quality and engaging training firmly based on the experiential style.

Our Approach Is Different

Everyone says that and probably most believe it. We’re the same. Take a look below at the case studies of some of our assignments and discover how we really are different.

Case Studies

Solution Cafe for Romanian Bank