Fixing weaknesses isn’t development, it is damage control. And damage control is a poor strategy for elevating the employee or the organisation to world class performance.


solutions glassEffective managers get things done – and mainly through the efforts of the people working with them.

Most management approaches emphasise the importance of problem analysis and fixing things. While this may be helpful in some circumstances, the effectiveness of a manager is much more about how well and quickly they build solutions – a key capability often overlooked.

In this 2 day training you will experience and learn how to:

  • Switch mindset from problem to solution
  • Trigger enthusiasm and emotional involvement in self and others
  • Encourage others to contribute to a constructive conversation
  • Ask powerful questions to guide a conversation, create new options and build alignment
  • Build trustful relationships through constructive feedback and appreciation
  • Emphasize progress as a key motivation factor
  • Enrich your management skills and identify when to intervene – and when not to.

The training is suitable for anyone in managerial or team leadership roles.

We offer an optional follow-up day to support participants apply the learning in their work and get additional skills based on their individual needs.

We also run this training as an open course. Find next dates here


Length: 2 days training (optional 1 day follow-up day around 1 month later).

Group Size: 8 to 16 participants

Price: 2 day training €3,500 (plus VAT) including materials and excluding venue costs (Optional follow-up day €1,750)