010ARaluca Mohanu is an accredited executive coach and certified trainer.

Raluca’s motto is “Be the change you want to see in the world” (Mahatma Gandhi) and that is why she has founded her own successful coaching company, Steps for Change (www.steps4change.ro).

Raluca coaches people who are ready to assume responsibility for their own destiny; her clients include top managers, entrepreneurs or teams who want to work together more efficiently.

Raluca is one of the first top notch coaching professionals in Romania. She is a founding member of the Romanian Coaching Guilt (ARC) and has an extensive experience as mentor and supervisor for fellow coaches. Apart from her vast coaching education, she has been also trained in various therapeutic techniques (transactional analysis, ESPERE method and art therapy).

Raluca’s professional background includes seven years international management experience in highly competitive corporate organizations. She has been awarded the prestigious MBA diploma by the Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA.

Raluca works with both individual clients and corporate clients including Abbott, Bayer, Honeywell, Kaufland, ING, Petrom, Raiffeisen, Romstal and Vodafone.

She coaches clients in a direct and pragmatic way, being able to offer them her energy and deep presence. At last but not at least, she is characterized by her perseverance and her smile!

As a member of the Solution Surfers community she runs Brief Coaching PURE program to various companies and NGOs.