SF Holidays

The holidays are coming and we are all preparing for Easter in the family. It is well known since years BC that no man is a prophet in his own home. No matter what a great manager, inspirational leader, trustworthy coach you are, once inside your parents’ home, you become the person you used to be before all the great changes you went through. And you find yourself clinging to the remains of your awareness and calm

I do not know much about other families, but in ours the holidays are a challenge to everyone. Especially the meals.

So, to help my own self and others, I decided to sketch a recipe for a better Easter mood.


Get behind the wheel/on the train/on a plane/ in an elevantor.

Breathe in deeply. Breathe out.

If you have a travel companion, give them these questions to ask you. If not, just ask yourself:

  • What would this visit home look like so that you leave there feeling thankful?
  • Suppose this visit home is going to make you really happy, what will be the first sign that these holidays will be great? What will happen then? What will you be doing?
  • Suppose when you need yo leave you look back and think “this was short, but such a great time with my family!” What will you have done differently? What else?
  • Imagine the first hours of the best visit home in detail.
  • What will your fammily see different in you? What will be the signs for them that these holidays will be the best time together? What else?
  • After you have imagined the first day (or maybe you went further and imagined the Easter Sunday and the Monday afterwards already) remember when have some of these things happen already?  In what other instances have you seen glimpses of this happiness in the family? How were these moments possible? What did you contribute? Who else contributed?
  • What parts of all this would you like to make happen right these days?

Serve warm, cosy and lovingly.

And let us know if it worked.

Happy Easter!