Team Coaching

A simple and efficient approach to work with your team with Kati Hankovszky Christiansen

If you want to improve performance of a team, the SolutionCircle offers a fast, efficient and sustainable way to optimise resources and set goals within a team. The SolutionCircle consists of 8 simple steps that are easy to learn and apply in a daily business. These steps help you handle complex situations in teams, and enable team members to use not only their resources, but also their energy for sustainable development. Team Coaching with the SolutionCircle is also an effective and sustainable way to handle conflicts in teams. It offers a respectful approach to stuck situations and involves everybody in being a part of a effective solution.

Who should participate?

People who work in the field of human resources, managers, supervisors, coaches and business people that are interested in learning a new and effective approach to work with teams.

The workshop

  • The solution focus: Three core elements of a fascinating way to set goals and reveal peoples’ resources
  • The SolutionCircle: Eight elements to improve team performance and solve conflicts
  • How to create cooperation between especially gifted people in teams
  • Questions and cases from your everyday work

Trainer: Kati Hankovszky Christiansen – Switzerland

Kati_01_kleinKati is a member of the international SolutionSurfers Faculty and runs Brief Coaching, Team Coaching and Coaching Master Classes in English, German and Hungarian. As a coach (PCC) and consultant she supports change projects in several European countries.  Coming from a pedagogical background she is working in business and training environment since 1995. She co-created the concept of the solution focused training methodology. Her latest excitement is a case study book she published with Natalie Polgár, showing applications of SF work in organisations worldwide (Brief and Simple. Solution Focus in Organisations – Budapest 2014)

Dates 2014 in Bucharest: 

  • May 26-27th, 2014

Investment: €470 (+ VAT) covers the 2 day course and light refreshments

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