Time To Reset Our Mindset

Choosing coaching tools wisely


Peter kindly invites us to take a fresh look at our own coaching practice. With a gentle nudge he helps us to critically put a question mark behind every step in our interaction with clients:

  • What proves to be useful in fact?
  • And what if there was a radically different way to be effective in our coaching work for the benefit of our clients?

No worries, Peter has a very respectful way of building on and honoring what works already. And at the same time he has this talent to lovingly shake our mindset and open up new and fresh perspectives at how we can be most effective as coaches.

This training is an invitation

  • To realize to which extent your own mindset influences our usefulness for clients
  • To look at common assumptions about coaching and critically check to which extent you want them to be valid and effective in your practice?
  • To discover fresh and different ways to interact with your clients and see with which new questions you prefer to experiment in the future.
  • To become aware of your influence and responsibility in co-creating the “story” that your client will be leaving and living with.
  • To experience working with a simple tool-set of coaching questions which make it more likely for clients to continue on their own with no further need for coaching.

Dates:             26.6. 2017

Location:         Bucharest

Fee:                  €250 (For registration, please fill in the registration form)

Special offer  –  €200,  till 1st May, 2017

Peter Szabo, MCC

As an executive coach Peter specializes in coaching conversations for individuals who seek sustainable results within a short period of time. He has worked with top leaders and supported change projects for Roche in Basel, Lufthansa Systems in Budapest, Petronas in Kuala Lumpur, SAP in Heidelberg and for Andritz Hydro in New Dehli. He draws on more than 30 years of experience as entrepreneur and coach.

Peter is founder of SolutionSurfers based in Switzerland, with 13 worldwide partners, on 4 continents and in 9 languages. He has personally trained more than 3000 professional coaches before recently selling the company. Since 2013 he is co-owner of the IT startup ANALOGY in Budapest.

Since nine years Peter is a Master Certified Coach and member of the ICF assessment team for the certification of professional coaches.