13-15 November 2015, Bucharest


A systemic perspective on Organizations: making the Intangible visible

Jan Jacob Stam (Head of Hellinger Institute Netherland)

You are invited to experience the systemic perspective of the organizational environment. The development of the systemic work is expanding in all directions. One of the developments is the systemic work in organizations.

An organization is a complex system with inter-connected elements. Individuals or even an entire department can unknowingly get tangled in the patterns of the organizational system. This may have several consequences, arising from stress and complaints among employees, to conflicts or a lack of work productivity.

Systemic constellations is a new approach to organisational effectiveness, especially when the situation is complex and it is unclear what are the right actions to take.

Systemic constellations is to make the dynamics in problematic situations clear through depiction in three-dimensional space. Questions are sought and answers will correlate to the placement of yourself and other representatives in this space. This creates a living map of what you are unaware of in a relationship or situation.

Systemic Work is one of the growing consultancy techniques in the world today. It is estimated that over 1 million people in Europe and the United States have already attended training based on Systemic Work.

The seminar is addressed to facilitators used to the systemic approach in the family field, business consultants, coaches and business trainers, HR managers, head of companies/departments, individuals who are seeking personal development.

Working language is English, with translations into Romania.

Registration Fee:

350€ – Registration until November 5th 2015

400€ – Registration after November 5th 2015

(VAT not included)

Venue and Timing:

53, Strada Maior Ștefan Sănătescu, Bucharest

Program: Friday to Sunday 10:00-18:00


Jan Jacob Stam, founder of Dutch Bert Hellinger Institute, systemic constellations practitioner. Jan has a strong international experience. He is always interested in exploring, offering trainings and workshops in organisational constellations all over the world for twelve years, organiser of various systemic conferences.

Jan Jacob will do an introduction and he will do constellations on cases of participants, which will be used to explain some systemic principles of organizational topics. Participants can learn a lot: both about a systemic view on organizations and about organizational constellations (for those participants who know family constellations and want to know more about organizational constellations). A part of the seminar will include exercises for all participants.

Lodging: we can assist you with information on travel possibilities and hotels in Bucharest.


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