Simple tools to develop a positive approach to life


We intuitively know that a positive approach to life brings more happiness and more enjoyable relationships – but did you know that it has been proven to improve your health and lifespan?

During this evening workshop you will experience and learn a simple set of tools to:

  • use your thinking power to search for solutions rather than analyse problems
  • create attractive and realistic pictures of the future you want to create
  • recognise and appreciate the qualities and personal resources you have in yourself (and in others)
  • take small, manageable steps forward

The workshop will be of special relevance for you if you:

  • recognise you tend to get stuck in negative thinking and want to change this pattern
  • are looking for some motivation and clarity about some next steps in your life
  • know the power of positivity and want to bring it to life in a sustainable way.


The workshop will be run by Dr Petra Mueller-Demary and Ian Peatey, both highly experienced trainers and coaches and consultants with Solution Surfers Romania

When and Where

Will be announced.


The fee for the evening is 150 lei


Please use the form below to register for your place on the workshop.