I don’t know – but I can help you find out!

Choosing a coaching approach is like choosing a place to eat out. Sometimes you just want to get out of your own kitchen, don’t you?
While ingredients are numerous to begin with, the ways to combine them are innumerable. As we speak, there is a cook somewhere giving a small twist to an old recipe and changing the experience of it for his customers. No matter how familiar or strange, all recipes that exist are delicious to some people and unpalatable to others.
You can go to an Italian Pizzerian, an Argentinian steak house, a vegerarian restaurant, Libanese, Chinese, Romanian, or raw-vegan or fast food. You can even content yourself with an ice-cream. All of these choices will result in a nourishing experience.
Of course, there are differences in calory content, impact on your health and on how long your satiation will last. The atmosphere will be different, the service and the cuttlery you use. You might enjoy a long wait with a glass of wine in front or just want a quick in, quick out experience.
Some meals might be a short pleasure, some might be delicious and make a great memory as well.
Who knows, there are times when an energy bar from the gym can be the meal you need.It´s the same with coaching. There are so many ways to do coaching. The ICF (international coaching federation) gives some guidelines and quality criteria, but the recipes are diverse.
While  all good restaurants should at least provide nourishment, good coaching  should at least  help you grow.
We think it should help you discover new ideas and insights, solutions to your questions and inspiration. In our solution kitchen, we provide you with time to think and to enlarge your options in dealing with challenging situations, and thus help you to develop and grow.  And our service is brief and clear, creative and respectful. Our „cooking tools” are lean and sharp and our „cooks” are trained to listen more than talk.In the end, like your  choice of a good restaurant,it’s a matter of taste and personal preference.
So, when you have decided to choose a coach, first ask yourself, what is the least you aim for and what would be the best outcome. Discuss these with your prospective coach – are their tools appropriate for your purposes, how long will it take, what can you expect and what is expected of you, what is the etiquette.
Maybe you had good experience already, a favourite “restaurant” and would like to continue what works for you. Maybe you want to discover a new approach and look for an adventurous journey to discover new aspects of youself.
Should you want to have a taste of the Solution Focused coaching and see if it`s useful and enjoyable for you, give it a try and come for a taster.

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